AMERICA (Pilot Episode)

* This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.

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“America” is a quirky dramedy based on true events that I’ve experienced since migrating to LA nearly 20 years ago. My story is told via a group of immigrants who came to the US in order to pursue the “American dream” and the ongoing challenges that each one of them faces while trying to manifest such a dream.

Just as most immigrants arrive to the US, hopeful, motivated & enthusiastic, our heroes migrate, but only to find out quickly that they have more chances serving someone else’s dream than manifesting their own. As our heroes face adversities on their pursuit for happiness, their unique characteristic history and ongoing adaptation to the US mentality will be an interesting, yet embarrassing, funny, awkward, and sometime painful journey that will be a true joy for us to watch.

This is a story about hope, friendships and self-realization that exposes the unspoken voyage that some immigrants must go through in order to achieve the “American Dream”.

America is a co-production of Luminous Entertainment in association with Nawi Pro.

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